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Music and Brain Lab

Music through Interdisciplinary Studies


Music and Brain Lab

The place that investigates music and human, we are the Music and Brain Research Lab. We explore various aspects of humans who have evolved to enjoy music through interdisciplinary studies in musicology, brain science, and cognitive science. Through behavioral and electrophysiological monitoring methods, we study how musical components such as harmony and rhythm are processed from our ears to our brain, and how musical culture and experience might promote neuroplasticity from infant to senior years. What differentiates world renown musicians and tone-deaf, and what is the mechanism of sensation behind feeling pleasure when listening to music? Through scientific discoveries behind human’s musicality and musical pleasure, we aim to develop futuristic musical technologies to cultivate happiness and creativity for the next generation.

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We are looking for Ph.D., M.S. students, and undergraduate interns.

If you are interested in research opportunities, please email us at

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